Magnet attracts business users

7 Apr 2008

A new range of business communications services has been launched by Magnet Business that will combine voice and internet bundles with a high-end phone system, which the telecoms firm says is a converged service aimed at SMEs.

The service claims to let SME business customers “run voice and internet traffic over a single uncontended broadband link”.

The service also includes an advanced phone system said to handle enterprise-level needs and requirements.

Magnet has in the past commented vociferously on the need for greater broadband speeds in Ireland and said its business broadband, at 12Mbps, offers the country’s fastest broadband.

This new service is expected to have speeds of up to 15Mbps, as well as competitive voice minutes across local, national and international calls – in fact Magnet boasts that this offering will lower SME telephony costs by 20pc in comparison to the other telecoms operators on the market.

“Many telecoms services impede rather than nurture company growth – simple line additions are never simple, customer service is frustrating and upgrades are costly, failing to take into account the future requirements of businesses,” said Mark Kellett, CEO of Magnet Business.

“Our new packages compete not only on price and service, but on providing a solution that effectively caters for a business’s present and future needs. They are a demonstration of how true, high-speed broadband can deliver next-generation solutions to Irish companies.”

The Magnet Business packages start from €146.80 per month for a 10MB broadband, three phone lines and bundled national and mobile calls.

By Marie Boran