Magnet unveils 12Mbps business broadband

5 Dec 2007

Magnet Networks this morning revealed that it is rolling out a new contention-free 12Mbps broadband service for businesses.

The service will be available in the main commercial districts of Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Galway, Waterford and Portlaoise.

The 12Mbps service will be priced at €175 per month – €10 more than the 10Mbps service Magnet unveiled last month. So far Magnet has invested €65m in its network rollout.

Magnet chief executive Mark Kellett described the product as game-changing for Irish businesses. “I have talked with many CEOs and CFOs since my return to Ireland and one of their primary concerns is the ability to compete at a cost, product and service level.

“To achieve this they need to have best-in-class connectivity, otherwise they will be left in the ‘slow lane’. Magnet’s suite of products offers the business customer just that – best-in-class connectivity.”

Kellett said that the 12Mbps product puts Magnet in a unique position “as the only true player in the marketplace that can address the critical connectivity needs of Irish businesses in this highly competitive landscape.

“The various players pat themselves on the back for meeting the European ‘average’ in terms of broadband rollout. Being average will never give us the competitive advantage needed in the international economic environment,” he said.

By John Kennedy