O2 claims to cut conferencing costs

15 Feb 2005

O2 has pledged to make telephone conferencing more affordable to SMEs by way of a new group conference service.

The service allows mobile workers to hold telephone conference calls on the road or from their desktop phone. It caters for groups of up to 20 people phoning in nationally or internationally. Those on the conference call can dial in from either a mobile or a fixed line. Participants can be notified by SMS, email or telephone to call the appropriate service number at a specified time.

The product is being targeted at roles such as personal assistants, office managers, construction workers, architects and sales staff. Users only need to register once online and will not have to book a call so the service is always ready to accept calls. For O2 postpay customers, the service costs 22 cent per minute ex Vat. For O2 prepay customers the service costs 55c per minute ex Vat. For non-O2 customers normal network charges apply.

Orlagh Nevin, head of business services at O2 Ireland, explains, “In the past, large companies have paid heavily for expensive conferencing equipment but now all businesses can avail of a more cost-effective product. As office workers are increasingly on the move, clients still expect them to dial in to conference calls no matter where they are located. It is particularly suitable for people who spend most of their time out of the office or for those who could be on a project for up to two or three months at a time.”

Once in the conference everyone has the ability to request operator assistance and use a basic set of audio controls. The chair has some additional advanced call-in features.

By Brian Skelly