O2 creates broadband ‘one-stop shop’ for business

9 Mar 2010

Telefónica O2 Ireland is extending its range of landline and fixed broadband business services, targeting both SMEs and larger businesses.

The new services will deliver a “one-stop shop” for a company’s communications needs across fixed and mobile through bundled fixed line and broadband from €49.99 per month (ex VAT) incorporating free calls to O2 mobiles and free local, national and UK calls to landlines.

O2 initially launched fixed services for SMEs in 2008. The company is reselling Eircom wholesale lines to provide its fixed line service.

The new fixed line services mean that businesses will be able to receive one bill for their fixed broadband, landline and mobile services.

O2 said it will also provide an IT support service that makes it easy for businesses to switch their broadband provider, a feature which is unique to O2 in the marketplace.

Recent research by ComReg found that only 8pc of Irish businesses currently use a single supplier for fixed and mobile communications.

O2’s own research also found that 59pc of businesses would prefer to have their mobile and fixed services from the one provider.

This is consistent with ComReg data which found that 60pc would be interested in the one supplier of fixed and mobile services.

“Our research tells us that customers want the ‘one-stop shop’ bundled solution that will meet all of their communications requirements, mobile and fixed, with one monthly bill,” said Alan Brown, business sales director, Telefónica O2 Ireland.

“To that end, O2 has invested significantly in a new systems infrastructure to deliver this seamless service to our customer.”

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years