O2 releases reduced roaming bundles

6 Jul 2011

O2 has released new voice and text bundles for roaming in Europe, offering calls for 27 cents per minute or texts for 10 cents each.

Customers can purchase 30 or 60-minute bundles for text and voice by calling O2 Customer Care.

Regions include all EU/EEA destinations, excluding the Republic of Ireland and Switzerland. It also includes all worldwide mobile-to-mobile texts.

A 30-minute voice bundle costs €8 and a 60-minute bundle costs €16, providing 27 cents-per-minute calls.

For texts, a 30 texts bundle costs €3 and a 60 texts bundle costs €6, offering 10-cents texts while roaming.

The bundles can be set up for the first day of the holiday and are valid for 30 days. Customers can also check how many minutes and texts they used by logging onto “my account” on O2’s website.

It’s the latest network to reduce roaming charges. Vodafone is currently offering free pan-European data roaming and Meteor has removed data roaming charges.

The European Commission is also looking to crack down on high data roaming charges across Europe.