O2 reveals mobile back-up plan for businesses

5 Feb 2008

Mobile operator O2 has introduced a new SIM card back-up service to allow business users to retrieve key contacts and numbers if they lose or damage their phone.

With the new service, numbers which are stored on the SIM card are backed up to a secure server on the O2 network.

“For a personal user to lose their contacts it is a major hassle but for business users it is potentially highly damaging and costly if numbers of customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues are lost,” explained Billy D’Arcy, head of corporate and business sales at O2 Ireland.

“Today the mobile phone is the key link for many business users, especially in the SME space.”

D’Arcy said that many SMEs and corporates recognise the importance of backing up data in the office but there is a wealth of vital information stored on employee’s mobile phones which is not backed up.

The service works on a special 3G SIM card featuring the SIM back-up application and is easy to use. Individuals simply search for the ‘O2 menu’ on their handset and click on the ‘SIM back-up’ option.

All of their numbers can subsequently be viewed on http://www.o2.ie through My O2.

The service costs €2 for an initial back-up of up to 250 contacts and 50 cent for each subsequent update.

By John Kennedy