Big data insights (infographic)

12 Feb 2013

More than 75pc of mid-size to large businesses are implementing big data-related solutions within the next year, with customer care, marketing and sales departments increasingly fuelling demand, new Microsoft research suggests.

At the moment, the IT department (52pc) is driving most of the big data demand, but customer care (41pc), sales (26pc), finance (23pc) and marketing (23pc) are catching up more and more.

Microsoft has released the following infographic based on its Global Enterprise Big Data Trends: 2013 study of more than 280 IT decision-makers, which reveals the explosion of apps, mobile devices and cloud computing has rolled out the welcome mat for big data.

The survey results unveil several big data trends, as companies come to grips with the technology and begin to use it for competitive advantage.

Big data

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic