Irish sites hit by Digiweb’s ‘major hardware failure’

12 May 2016

Web host company Digiweb is having a bit of a nightmare month after a ‘major hardware failure’ saw its services go down yesterday (May 11).

Digiweb is battling to get its servers back up and running after they ran into problems yesterday afternoon.

Customers of Blanchardstown-based Digiweb were unable to access any of the shared hosting services Digiweb provides while the issue was being dealt with, and it’s still not resolved.

At 3.20pm yesterday, a problem was announced on the Digiweb support page, having been tweeted about on Monday, with server issues dragging on until 11am today (12 May), when services on the affected servers were still not fully operational.

A list of updates was provided by Digiweb on its website, however, when we tried contacting the company for a bit more detail we were met with an automated message, simply stating: “Due to a major hardware failure, customers will be unable to access any of the shared hosting services. We are working to get this resolved as quickly as possible.”

It’s not known how many Irish websites have been affected by the outage, however, a list of servers that are becoming available have been added to the company’s update, with more added as fixes are made.

There have been a number of issues for Digiweb to deal with already this month, with its storage network, mail server and IMAP service all having problems in recent days.

We’ve reached out for further information from the company but, in the meantime, keep an eye on this page for important updates on the matter.

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic