EBS gets in training to manage projects

9 Jun 2004

EBS building society has contracted Version 1, the Irish IT services and consultancy firm, to develop a project management training programme to improve the way in which the financial institution delivers all projects.

The programme was designed in conjunction with EBS Project Office. “This extensive training programme had to meet a number of objectives,” explained Alan Lush, consulting director at Version 1. “It had to be applicable to business projects as well as IT projects and needed to carry a professional accreditation.”

Tom Doherty, head of IT with the building society, added: “We wanted to achieve more predictable, well-run projects delivered on time, within budget, with appropriate quality and agreed functionality. In choosing Version 1 for this training initiative, EBS has been able to take on the new framework and improve the quality of all types of projects.”

Already 30 members of staff at EBS have been trained on the course, and the company claims a noticeable improvement in the critical early stages of projects as a result of applying the new Project Management Framework.

Version 1 has also developed a shorter course for personnel who play an active part in development projects, but are not responsible for their delivery. This ensures that all those working on projects are familiar with and able to apply the methodology.

In consultation with EBS, Version1 recommended the British Computer Society Certificate in Project Management course, which is externally accredited by the BCS under its Information Systems Examination Board. With help from Version 1, EBS applied for and received accreditation to run the BCS/ISEB Course for a period of three years from 2003.

“We are seeing a huge interest from Irish companies for staff training in project management and are currently devising bespoke programmes for a number of leading organisations,” added Alan Lush.

Later this year, Version 1 plans to offer a similar series of courses on an open basis for its existing clients and others who want to improve their project delivery.

By Gordon Smith

Pictured: Alan Lush of Version 1 with Tom Doherty of EBS