O2 Ireland launches mobile safety website

12 Feb 2008

O2 Ireland has launched a dedicated website aimed at promoting safer use of mobile phones by young teenagers and children.

The site www.o2.ie/childprotection is being launched to coincide with Safer Internet Day, which aims to get adults and children thinking and talking about internet safety.

The new website gives details of O2 safety features, including how to control web access and become an authorised contact on a child’s mobile phone account, as well as providing useful tips on preventing bullying and controlling unwanted SMS and spam.

It also includes a checklist for parents of important questions to ask when buying a mobile phone for their child and gives them safety advice regarding access to social networking sites on the mobile phone.

Parents and users of the site are encouraged to give feedback to O2 about other ways the company can help by emailing protectyourchildren@o2.com.

O2 businesses in the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic have also introduced similar child protection websites.

Under the ‘European Framework for Safer Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and Children’ mobile companies are obliged to provide advice, raise awareness and ensure proper controls are in place regarding access to inappropriate content.

“O2 is committed to the promotion of the safe use of mobile phones,” said Damian Devaney, marketing director, O2 Ireland. “We respect parents’ rights to consider the pros and cons of allowing children to own or use mobile phones and we are committed to educating our customers about how to keep their children safe.

“The launch of our child protection website is a central part of our campaign to promote the safety mechanisms that we have put in place for both parents and children.”

By Niall Byrne