‘Pay as you grow’ backup service launched

28 Apr 2004

Carrier neutral data centre firm Interxion has introduced a new ‘pay as you grow’ service that enables businesses to cost-effectively backup and restore important data using secure online services.

According to Interxion Ireland’s sales and marketing manager Jason O’Conaill, the new Secure Data Service (SDS) is supplied on a ‘pay as you grow’ basis, with no investment in equipment required. Users only pay for the amount of new data that is backed up each time.

It is understood that Interxion is first to market with the service in Ireland and is offering a 30-day free trial to businesses. The company has also developed a reseller programme to drive growth through strategic partners such as internet service providers and system integrators.

Interxion’s SDS enables companies to backup their data and host live databases in real-time over the internet to a secure ‘vault’ in Interxion’s Dublin data centre. The data is available for immediate recovery in the event of a system failure, virus, human error or disaster.

“Our online automated backup and restore service is designed for ease of use and to give Irish businesses complete confidence in the security and availability of their data,” said O’Conaill, sales and marketing manager, Interxion Ireland.

O’Conaill said that the solution meets the needs of legislators and the expectations of enterprise. “We are seeing strong demand from resellers, such as systems integrators and ISPs, who want to offer their customers new and better services. SDS helps these types of companies to deepen the relationships with existing customers, while at the same time, generating new revenue streams. Ultimately, SDS is winning most plaudits from the people charged with data backup, who appreciate the quality, simplicity and tape-free nature of the solution.”

Interxion’s SDS software works by taking ‘snapshots’ of the data to be protected. Only data that has changed is transferred to the vault, saving time and bandwidth. The vault is protected by five layers of physical security and certified to the highest standards. All data is encrypted to guarantee confidentiality.

By John Kennedy