Apple plans dual camera system for next iPhone generation

8 Aug 2016

Rumours suggest Apple’s next smartphone will have a dual camera system as well as a re-engineered home button with haptic feedback

New rumours surrounding what Apple is planning in terms of the next iPhone suggest its next smartphone will have a dual camera system, as well as a re-engineered home button with haptic feedback.

The latest rumours reiterate that the next iPhone will not come with a headphone jack.

As Apple shifts away from its two-year redesign rhythm, the new devices are expected to resemble current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices.

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This is because Apple is believed to be keeping its powder dry on a new design for the iPhone that it is saving until the 10th anniversary of the device next year.

Is Apple planning three new iPhone devices, including an iPhone 7 Pro?

According to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with Apple’s plans, the new devices will have an all-new home button with haptic feedback that works similarly to the 3D Touch display on 6s and 6S Plus devices.

Another rumour swirling into focus is that Apple could be planning a third device, a high-end version of the latest generation phone, which will be called the iPhone 7 Pro.

It is understood that the dual camera system, however, may only apply to the larger Plus-sized Pro device with a 5.5in screen.

The dual cameras will produce brighter photos with more detail. They could also be used to add new effects. For example, the Huawei P9 smartphone uses two Leica 12MP cameras to give greater depth perception and achieve the so-called Bokeh effect of focusing on an object and blurring out everything else.

To achieve sharper images in low light, it is understood that the two sensors will capture colour differently, simultaneously.

A YouTube video showing leaked handsets also indicates that the antenna strips on the new device will run on the edge rather than across the back.

The new iPhone models will no doubt run iOS 10, the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, which will come with more widgets to allow users to work off the lock screen.

As usual, rumours are rumours and only Apple really knows.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years