Apple reportedly gearing up to unleash iPhone trade-in programme this September

27 Aug 2013

People converge in and around Apple Store in Beijing, China, in April 2013

If you’re an iPhone owner, from this September you might be able to sashay into some Apple stores in the US to trade in your iPhone and upgrade to a newer model – perhaps the rumoured high-end iPhone 5S, or the rumoured lower-cost iPhone 5C, both of which are to be unveiled to consumers on 10 September via a global media push.

It is unclear, however, if the iPhone trade-in offer will be applicable for iPhone users in Ireland, or if the reported scheme will be just rolled out in the US first.

Overnight, US online media channels have been buzzing with reports that Apple will be unveiling the trade-in programme in certain US stores, perhaps even from next week.

Future Human

Based on information from “sources” familiar with the initiative, Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac has reported that Apple is in the midst of final preparations to unveil the iPhone trade-in programme in its retail stores – perhaps as soon as this September, which is just around the corner.

Writing for MacRumours, Eric Slivka has reported that the site has “received word from several sources” that Apple has started upskilling employees in some of its US retail stores for the trade-in programme.

Getting back in the smartphone game

Back in June, news first circulated in the media about Apple’s trade-in scheme.

At the time, Bloomberg reported that Apple was apparently planning on teaming up with the recycling firm BrightStar in order to give those with an iPhone instant credit once they traded in their smartphone for a newer iPhone model.

If the trade-in scheme turns out to be true, the Apple move could be a strategic market-driven one, in order to lure more customers to its Apple stores around the globe, and also expose them to the myriad of Apple gadgets and consumer tech on offer – thus potentially pushing the resellers to the sideline.

Apple Store in Beijing image via TonyV3112/

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic