‘Appy Halloween (infographic)

27 Oct 2012

Halloween isn’t just for kids – tech geeks can get in on the fun no matter what their age, as a new infographic delivers the data on how to have a digital 31 October.

The infographic designed and created by Quib.ly that’s published on Visual.ly offers techie Halloween costume ideas, inspired by Tron, Pac-Man and cameras, and it recommends apps to help keep little trick or treaters safe.

And here’s something to ponder while munching on sweets and snack-size chocolate bars: what the terms Wolfpack and Google Whack mean. If you can’t figure them out, the infographic has the answer, along with the definition of other ‘weird, spooky and odd technology terms’.

Jack o’ lanterns image via Shutterstock


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic