Blog Digest

9 Jul 2009

This week’s Blog Digest is a reader’s choice. Here are some of the diverse suggestions of recommended reads out there in the blogosphere.

I, Cringely

Robert X Cringely has been writing about the technology sector for nigh on 30 years and he knows his stuff. He’s not actually real, but rather the pen name of technology journalist Mark Stephens and a few other contributors.

I, Cringely is the home of Stephens and not to be confused with the original Cringely column which still runs on

Stephens has written a book on the birth of the technology industry – Accidental Empires – which in documentary form saw Steve Jobs famously ‘diss’ Microsoft’s products as mediocre.

So this is the kind of read you’re in for. If you’re feeling lazy, Stephens also has an audio version that you can download to listen to on the go.

Two Weeks on a Trolley

Two Weeks on a Trolley describes itself as “a crack unit of Irish healthcare professionals banging their heads against a brick wall”.

Hear what one anonymous doctor has to say: “Patients still languish on trolleys in emergency departments, as they wait for one of the precious beds in our understaffed, filthy, crowded wards.

“Patients who have been lying on trolleys for days are suddenly found beds. Exhausted staff are kept out of the way. The sycophants are wheeled out for a meet and greet.”


Fry does it, Cleese does it, all but educated fleas do it. Lets blog it, lets blog about stuff.

John Cleese, as most of you know, is one of the legendary Monty Python gang, but he is also quite the tech-savvy guy. He has a Twitter account, is an avid video blogger and this is his lively corner of the web.

Cleese’s blog is a great mixture of comedy and insight into his life. Hislatest post is a thank you to his Twitter fanbase for their get-well wishes after his eye operation, while the previous posts on his pet chickens Camilla and Rocky are precious.

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post was only launched in 2005, but feels as though it has been around forever. This hugely popular website is a portal for independent news from the US and covers everything from politics to lifestyle.

There are also some great opinion pieces. One particularly insightful piece examines the pure visceral hatred towards Sarah Palin.

This site opens up issues around modern media, public figures and the genderisation of hatred.

By Marie Boran