Blog Digest

26 Feb 2009

This week we take a look at some of the best business blogs from around the country. Being an internet-savvy businessperson doesn’t just mean visibility for your product or service – it also means engaging with customers and potential customers in a way that grows trust for you and your brand.

Clunky Flow (pictured above)

Niall Larkin is the founder of Digital Hub-based tech firm Relevant Media, a company that creates tools for firms seeking to build up a strong online social identity through presence and trust, while protecting their information.

Larkin’s blog does not push his business; it pushes conversation and debate, and is an intelligent slice of the blogosphere where you can always count on an insightful selection of topics ranging from everyday economics to philosophical musings.

As varied as these topics are, they all lead back to Larkin’s passion for online trust, reputation and identity.

Developing eWrite

ewrite blog

Cork-based web-design and development firm eWrite is all about helping firms develop and update their sites easily.

Its official blog is written by eWrite’s software developer Gordon Murray, and you get a real sense of community from Murray’s writings.

From talking us through what’s been impressing him lately, from the 3V credit card to the recent Microsoft course he attended, it feels as though, should you ever use eWrite’s services, you already have a friend you can approach with any query.

Peter Donegan landscaping

Peter Donegan

While the aforementioned blogs are good examples of tech-related firms connecting through their blogs, it’s vital to see other sectors get involved.

With his gardening blog, Peter Donegan is a well-known personality on the Irish blogging scene. He says he’s no “techie genius”, yet his dedication to an online audience proves that even the tech-shy should embrace this medium for their business.

Jason Roe Blog

Jason Roe

Jason Roe is a prolific and talented web developer who has worked on a host of different sites such as the Irish Blog Awards site and

Roe likes to share his experiences and pass on advice to the rest of the blogosphere. Take, for example, his recent encounter with Ryanair, where a website glitch did not so much show up bad code as the wrath of several angryindividuals claiming to be Ryanair employees who were outrightly insulting Roe. Value airlines, value manners?

By Marie Boran