Blog Digest

19 Feb 2009

Seeing as how spring has truly sprung (and the snow is but a distant memory), we can all get down to doing what we do best this season: spring-clean, begin anew, refresh ourselves. This is for body, mind and soul, as well as our homes, and even virtual homes.

Becoming vegan

I can think of no better way to cleanse the mind than by cleansing the body first. Veganism is not for everyone, but there is a lot to be said for taking all animal products from your diet, if even for a short while, and giving your digestive tract a rest. However, I get the feeling that becoming vegan is very much a committed lifestyle choice that you may not want to leave once you get used to it.

This blog is a ‘vegan for beginners’ one where all basic questions are answered, from what to have on your shopping list to how you go about cooking it, and what vegan clothing and skincare products are good to buy.


Pad Style

Brimming with style ideas for your home, this inspirational blog keeps you up to date on the latest in minimalist and streamlined furniture. Browsing through this blog gives one the urge to toss all the old clutter out and make a fresh start with a bed, table, a few chairs and a lamp.

The thing to remember about minimalist furniture is that it’s not about looking yuppy-ish, but rather about stripping away the nonsense until you have the essence of a chair or the essence of a vase. And in that simplicity lies beauty.

The Occupational Adventure

Occupational Adventure

When spring rolls around, it can cause feelings of the flighty nature, especially if your job isn’t how you dreamed it would be. Now’s the time to get excited about what you do, or perhaps contemplate a career change.

While this job blog complements books and seminars by motivational career writer Curt Rosengren, and smacks a little of step aerobics for the mind, it asks the key questions: are you doing what you want? Is your career full of meaning, abundance and passion?


NowSourcing calls itself a social-media marketing blog, but if this baffles or irritates you, just skip to one blog post in particular: spring-cleaning for your blog. If you maintain a blog, you may have let its appearance fall by the wayside, but proper maintenance is important to help readers find what they want.

Lots of great tips here, and maybe enough to get some of us inspired to create a blog, if we don’t have one already.

By Marie Boran