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12 Feb 2009

And so it rolls around again: Valentine’s Day, the day we celebrate Cupid smiling upon us, or the day we guiltily throw money at cheap tat and tacky greeting cards with hearts on them as big corporates roll around in dollar bills cackling at how clever they were for commercialising love.

However you look at it, Valentine’s Day is everywhere, and we can celebrate it how we choose.

A Simple Walk

If Valentine’s Day is all about showing your other half how much they are loved, then putting time and effort into cooking a meal is one way to do it.

This little slice of the web has an extensive and thoughtful post on a wealth of tasty, love-themed meals and snacks that look easy to prepare, and are cutesy too.

Another reason to visit this blog is the fact that the author is participating in a Valentine’s exchange, whereby she and fellow bloggers swap posts, links and tips for celebrating the day in question.


Investor spot

Is it me or is Anti-Valentine’s Day becoming a viable commercial holiday, where more useless goods are flogged to the hapless consumer?

Whatever the reason, there is still cause for a chuckle or two over at InventorSpot, where the top 10 Anti-Valentine’s Day gifts are listed.

My favourites  are the bunch of dead roses you can really order over at, and the sarcastic candy hearts with loving phrases stamped on them such as ‘mommy issues’ and ‘return my cds’.

Lux Stuff

Maybe the one you love the most is the person who greets you in the bathroom mirror each morning. In that case, mark off Valentine’s Day as an unofficial ‘me day’ when you indulge yourself with the best food, wine and gifts.

Lux-Stuff should be your first stop for inspiration if you plan to splash out. From speed boats to gold-plated laptops, this may be a bit outlandish, but you can always completely indulge your fantasies!

Sweet Chops

Sweet Chops

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to love their dogs more than other people? There could be arguments for why this is sane, such as: a. you can put a collar on a dog; b. they don’t talk back; and c. they cannot stop you from neutering them (of course, I would never say such things myself).

Sweet Chops is a lovely blog selling cupcakes and other sweet treats for your pooch. In fact, it is even selling Valentine’s Day buns called ‘Puppy Kisses’. Awww.

By Marie Boran