Blog Digest

18 Sep 2008

The tech titans get a dressing down, Big Brother style, in this week’s Blog Digest.

The Silicon Apartment (pictured)

Even if you don’t know your optical mouse from your elbow, you’ll know of the two titans of the technology world – Bill Gates of Microsoft (sadly retired and, even more tragically, trying to act alongside Jerry Seinfeld) and the CEO of the universe, I mean Apple, Steve Jobs.

This comic blog does a Big Brother and sticks the geeky duo into an apartment to live together, painting a picture of what it thinks went down when Seinfeld agreed to pimp the Windows Vista operating system. Let’s just say, I’m now afraid of Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer. Don’t wake the Ballmer!

Passive-Aggressive Notes

‘To the person(s) causing kitchen unrest by putting the peppermint tea bags in with the green tea bags: not funny.’

Does this sound familiar? Probably. Does it sound petty? Always. Welcome to the wonderful world of passive-aggressive sticky notes – something the office worker will no doubt be familiar with.

Soup explosions in the microwave, stolen staplers and mobile phones left ringing and vibrating are small events that in a shared work environment are cataclysmic, and frustrations manifest themselves in nasty notes that always seem to end in a polite ‘thank you’.

This blog documents the best and worst. Hilarious and disturbing.

PR Disasters

Is it true that the Irish like a success story but like it even better in reverse? Personally, I watch in (slightly gleeful) horror when important people make a dog’s dinner of a TV appearance or completely mismanage a crisis situation.

This blog charts the lows and well, lows, of bad public relations. One doozy is Barack Obama’spress chairman, Dean Singleton, referring to him as ‘Barack Osama’. Talk about negative associations when you’re aiming for President of the US of A.

Whether you’re a Big Brother wannabe or CEO of a cardboard box firm, everyone has a public image to maintain, and these days if you so much as pass wind someone will blog, write or broadcast about it. Be prepared!

Trading Goddess

If you can imagine a Dolly Parton lookalike who snaps gum and paints her nails shocking pink as she imparts valuable information on stocks and shares, then this is how this blog reads.

A mish-mash of sober advice, lapses of school girl prose that you can imagine was originally written in purple marker with hearts dotting the i’s and some pictures of scantily clad women to supposedly liven up dreary stocks listings makes this one of the more bizarre blogs I’ve stumbled across in my time.

It reads like a surreal ungodly union between Barbie and Donald Trump (Wait, didn’t that already happen?)!

By Marie Boran