Blog Digest

10 Jul 2008

From pension advice and the trials of the Wii Fit to moviestars flogging photos, the blogosphere has it all.

Pensions & Investments (pictured)

This brand spanking new blog is from professional financial advisor Gerard Sheehy. Sheehy is already well established on the net with several websites including and

Since the blog is new I hesitate to criticise but would prefer if it were a little more conversational and less formal. I know nothing about pensions and investments and would prefer to approach Sheehy through his blog before I dived into the serious stuff. But I’m sure, as with all new projects, this will evolve into more of a relaxed blog style over time. Worth a visit.

The Spicendipity Blog

Formerly known as the Humble Housewife, Deborah Handley has moved to to deliver the same great recipes and restaurant reviews. But this time she’s just launched an online shop, Spicendipity, selling her very own blend of spices, BBQ sauce and brownie mix, amongst other products.

I love to see a blog grow from a hobby to a business and shows just how great Handley is at communicating her passion for food to her audience – so much so that not only do people want to buy food from her, they want to read about it as well.


Reading Grannymar’s blog is a bit like pulling a chair up to the kitchen table, pouring a hot cup of the scald and having a digestive or two while listening to a good friend chat away. Grannymar is a natural storyteller and shares recipes, experiences, jokes and photographs from her life.

This blog has a devout following who visit to hear Grannymar’s views on topics ranging from podcasting to ageing. A recent post followed her trial of the Nintendo Wii Fit, which demanded to know everything bar what she had for breakfast, but then pleasantly awarded her a Wii Fit age of 39.

Moviestars with blogs? Yup, and Mr Jeff Bridges is a renaissance man by all accounts (well, all his own accounts). All the links and most of the content is in the form of paintings or sketches or is picture-led.

There are links to clips from his latest movies, causes he believes in like world hunger and his photography, which you can buy. This guy wastes no opportunity – he obviously snapped his way through Iron Man (he plays Iron Man’s/Tony Stark’s evil business associate), made his pics look all arty and is now flogging them. An opportunist if ever I saw one, and why not?

By Marie Boran