Blog Digest

20 Jun 2008

Following the week that was Lisbon, lose yourself in news that is not news. Or perhaps a spot of telecoms disruption, followed by photos of a distinctly rock n’ roll flavour will do the trick?

Prop-arazzi (pictured)

A comprehensive property blog from the Weber Shandwick property team, this site covers planning, new developments, the environment and all property related issues important to those in the industry.

Although there is a heavy bias towards coverage of the UK, there are still many good posts relating to both the Republic and Northern Ireland.

With the current credit crunch and the downturn in the construction industry, it appears vital to keep your eyes peeled for news on property, whether you are in this business or not, as changes in this sector are likely to ripple throughout the economy.

Sick of hearing about the Lisbon Treaty? Give your tired, news-addled brain a rest and take a look at this almost-blog (news aggregator with user comments) which specialises in ‘not news’.

You will find here all the weird, bizarre and frankly useless stories floating around on the web, most of which seem to be collected from those bastions of good taste and objectivity: the red tops.

The business section is pretty funny though – I have now learned that when you prefer to spend your annual leave at home, the term ‘staycation’ or ‘holistay’ is quickly entering the American lexicon.

Pat Phelan: Telecomms Disruptor

I read this blog on a regular basis (as well as following Phelan on Twitter) and I look forward to his posts because Phelan is not averse to laying into the telco companies for ripping off customers or giving exposure to the smaller companies that are offering cheaper and better alternatives.

Phelan himself is the founder of Cork-based Cubic Telecom which offers a mobile product, MaxRoam, for those who cringe at the thought of their roaming bills.

Phelan is a power networker and seems to know everyone and everything from his position at the ‘edge of the industry’, so get over here if you’re in the dark.

Personally, I like his quirkier posts: Sunday lunch did not go well and Phelan proceeds to talk about the sour-puss server and lipstick-covered cup. He should be a restaurant critic too.

Lili Forberg’s Photoblog

You name a celebrity, fashion model or musician who has passed through Dublin in the past few years and chances are the talented young photographer Lilli Forberg has snapped them.

She maintains a regular photoblog chronicling her day-to-day job of shooting models for fashion publications but the real gems are the up-close and personal portraits she creates of musicians including Har Mar Superstar, the Klaxons and Public Enemy. You can tell that music is her passion.

Interestingly, Forberg shot her first gig at the age of 12 and it was Guns N’ Roses – how rock and roll!

By Marie Boran