Google launches Google Now for desktop PC, Mac and Chromebook

4 Feb 2014

Google has launched its Google Now service for Mac, Windows or Chromebook computers that aims to predict what you intend to do or your interests through a feed and notification service.

The company announced the news in its blog post and will be looking to develop the technology, which was launched on Android smartphones back in 2012.

As many Android users of Jelly Bean or older would have noticed, every search or frequented web page will spawn a new Now notification.

With notable accuracy, the application can actually predict your daily commute, from what time you usually leave to what route you take, and would advise on possible alternatives if the traffic is particularly heavy.

Using your email, Now will also keep track of any flights you may have booked and will inform you of any changes to the flight.

It will also notify you of a sports team’s results and news if you frequent a particular page.

To access the Now notifications you need to be running Google’s Chrome Beta browser, which is the test-bed for all its new technology.

Once that is downloaded, you then need to sign in with the same account that you use Google Now with on your smartphone and the two should sync automatically.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic