GoPro to let users edit videos on mobile app soon

23 Jul 2015

GoPro is working on a new app — expected to be released before the summer is out — that will let users edit and share their videos.

Considering the vast majority of GoPro footage is useless, from which you endeavour to chop it down to a highlight reel, something like this is much needed.

At the moment, users need to unpack all the footage via a memory card, store massive video files – because they are really good quality – somewhere on a computer and edit it in any way they choose.

Tony Bates, president of the company, reportedly told a bunch of investors that the app is “in the final phases of development and testing”.

GoPro editing, a place in the cloud?

The company is, of course, heading down the cloud route, primarily because it just makes so much sense.

That will see users instantaneously upload their videos to a cloud where, initially, it can be stored – rather than on hard drives wheezing under the strain.

It is thought that this will eventually evolve into a platform that will allow users to edit, too.

GoPro is in fine shape at the moment, announcing revenues of US$420m in Q2 of this year, netting it US$35m in profits.

That’s on the back of almost doubling its shipments to 16m devices in comparison to 2014.

By this time next year, the company will have released its first drone, too, to help diversify its offering.

Main image via Vern on Flickr

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic