HP’s new Windows PCs include giant Envy ‘Curved All-in-One’

8 Oct 20151.91k Views

HP’s new 34-inch Envy ‘Curved All-in-One’

HP has announced a whole suite of new Windows devices, with a Spectre x2, a weird Envy 8 note, a TV and a giant, 34-inch curved Envy desktop.

The standout product in HP’s Windows release has to be that curved Envy desktop PC. Billed as the “world’s widest curved all-in-one PC”, which is a title I never thought I’d see typed out, the 34-inch (it comes in 24- and 27-inch, too) Windows 10 device is called ‘all-in-one’ because it combines the monitor, audio, camera and computer into one package.

There are ports for HDMI and USB, naturally enough, as well as six front facing Bang & Olufsen speakers. The smaller-screened variants are out at the start of November in the US, with the 34-inch dropping a couple of weeks later.

There’s the choice of either an i5 or i7 processor, upgrades to various graphics cards and up to 128GB SSD additions.

The price, though, is a big one. The larger 34-inch is priced at US$1,799, with the smaller two at US$1,199 and US$999.

Pavilion notebook

Pavilion gaming notebook

HP has been focusing on gaming for a while now, and the new HP Pavilion gaming notebook targets that market.

The 15.6-inch device sports an NVidia GeForce GTX 950 graphics card and Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs. There is (up to) 16GB of RAM and (up to) a 2TB hard disk.

It’s around one inch thick and weighs 5.5 pounds, and will be released in the US first in early November.

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The TV mentioned above is actually a ‘media display’ – a 32-inch screen compatible with pretty much anything through its MHL, HDMI and DisplayPort options.

Like the all-in-one, it is shipped with six front-facing speakers in-built.

HP Display

HP media display

The new Envy notebook is thinner than ever at 13mm, weighing 2.8lbs and sporting a 10-hour battery. The 13.3-inch device comes with a choice of i3, i5 and i7 processors.

Billed as a “detachable PC”, the Spectre x2 is basically a tablet with a “travel keyboard”. It is reminiscent of the Surface Pro 4 released by Microsoft, but with what looks like a better stand. The Spectre x360 has been updated with a bit more power under the hood.

“The HP Spectre x360 established HP as a leader in the premium category because it directly addresses the needs of customers,” said HP’s Mike Nash.

There is also a notebook, to appeal to the budget end of buyers, with the Envy Note 8 a bizarrely mismatched tablet-keyboard combo.

“We are excited to extend our premium portfolio with new PCs that have a number of firsts – including a detachable with a metal keyboard featuring full-travel keys, the world’s widest curved all-in-one and our thinnest notebook ever – designed to give customers amazing experiences,” adds Nash.

European release dates have yet to be revealed, but we’ve reached out to HP for an update on that.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic