Irish Googlers go for broke

1 May 2009

Google’s Irish search trends for the month of April revealed a nation with one thing on their mind: the economy. The top two search terms were ‘Budget 2009’ and ‘’.

Internet searches rose by 1600pc in this period, as the entire nation googled the full extent of financial fallout from the budget, and the inhabitants of Co Dublin were busy searching for online tax calculators.

It’s not all bad news though – our minds were turning towards the Easter weekend, as searches relating to travel and the great outdoors shot up in number.

Both Google Maps and the AA route planner received heavy traffic, as search queries for holidays and the weather forecast rose by 110pc.

However, money was still on our minds with a 70pc increase in Lotto searches. But we were also in sporting form with searches for the Heineken cup, Leinster rugby and Munster rugby rising rapidly too.

Speaking of rugby matches, ticket queries were also popular, both for Croke Park and Electric Picnic, and Ticketmaster searches rose by 70pc.

After that seemed to be preoccupied with Susan Boyle of Britain’s Got Talent, and, of course, Moobgate/Cowengate/Picturegate was pretty popular too!

 By Marie Boran