Mobile firm in UEFA media album deal

15 Jul 2008

Football fans will be able to create their commemorative UEFA Euro 2008 album thanks to a technology developed by Dublin software company NewBay and deployed with Swisscom.

Euro 2008 Album, which is localised in four languages, allows Swisscom subscribers to instantly upload multiple photographs taken at Euro 2008 championship matches to a personal album on the operator’s website via a handset client or web browser.

The pictures and video appear on personal sites and can then be viewed by friends, family and football fans worldwide. Fans can interact by commenting on pictures and subscribers can combine their own snaps with official UEFA Euro 2008 photos and content, creating a commemorative album of the games that can be printed directly from the site and delivered right to your door.

“The Swisscom UEFA Euro 2008 Album service is a great example of how NewBay powers digital lifestyles,” said Dr Nagappan Arunachalam, chief marketing officer, NewBay Software.

“We were excited to be working on this project with Swisscom to provide a fun, easy-to-use, user-generated content service that allows subscribers to really capture and share experiences from the UEFA Euro 2008 on the go. The UEFA Euro 2008 Album service not only increases customer face time with Swisscom but also creates an additional revenue stream for the operator.”

For a truly converged user experience, NewBay’s new LifeCache Desktop Media Uploader product was also deployed in the UEFA Euro 2008 Album service. This innovative desktop client enables the quick and easy simultaneous transfer of multiple high-resolution image files from a PC to the album.

This is in line with Swisscom’s on-going commitment to become a converged operator, which is reflected in the company’s recent rebrand. The customer experience is further enhanced by other features, such as the browsing and selection of images by thumbnail, in addition to an intuitive Explorer-based selection.

 “We feel the UEFA Euro 2008 Album initiative has taken our support of the competition to the next level,” said Bruno Roesti, marketing manager, Swisscom said. “It has allowed our customers to become directly involved in the UEFA excitement, and at the same time has increased the level of interface with our brand.”

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years