Now an ‘I am richer’ app for Android

24 Feb 2009

The US$1,000 ‘I am rich’ app that attracted enormous interest on the Apple App Store in August is back on the Android Market in the form of an ‘I am Richer’ app, which, suitably for these recessionry times, costs just US$200.

In August 2008, Apple banned Armin Heinrich’s ‘I am Rich’ app, which cost US$1,000 and showed just a red ruby for the buyer’s troubles.

In recent days, a new application offering the same feature set for only US$200 has appeared on the Android Market from a Mike DG.

Google’s Android Market applies the same zero-tolerance rules as the App Store for malware, but has a more liberal attitude.

While Apple has strict rules on deciding who can sell on its App Store, the Android Market aims to create a marketplace where anyone in the world can develop an app and sell it.

But, unlike the AppStore, the Android Market has a US$200 limit on what people can buy.

At present, the market is relevant to owners of the T-Mobile G1 Android device, but expect future models, such as the Magic from HTC that has been snapped up by Vodafone, to help make the Android Market grow.

By John Kennedy

Pictured: the Android Market