O2 provides remote access for law firm

5 Mar 2007

Irish commercial law firm O’Donnell Sweeney Eversheds has installed a system from O2 that allows its staff to connect remotely with the office server to use office applications.

AccessMyLan allows the firm’s 140 staff to access the office server from a laptop, PDA, smart phone or a home desktop PC.

Tony McGovern, partner, O’Donnell Sweeney Eversheds, explained that ease of installation and assurance of security were the reasons for choosing the O2 service. “”We were looking for an easy-to-set-up solution at low cost that did not require armies of techies to install or maintain additional hardware.

“At the same time, being a law firm, we had to make absolutely certain that the solution was secure and fully compliant with our existing security polices and procedures. AccessMyLan from O2 was simple to install and gives our staff secure access to the documents they need across a wide variety of devices, from virtually anywhere.”

“Giving employees access to office files while they are on the move, at home or even abroad provides huge benefits in terms of productivity and convenience,” commented Billy D’Arcy, head of O2 Ireland’s Business Sales and Services. “However many firms are put off by the complexity and expense of adding boxes to ensure security. AccessMyLan from O2 can be installed in five minutes by someone with no technical knowledge.”

He added: “AccessMyLan is unique to O2 and compliments our 3G data cards, which allow users to wirelessly connect to the Internet from a laptop. We believe that this product can allow a company of any size to exploit today’s remote working benefits.”

AccessMyLan from O2 is part of the O2 Mobile Office suite and costs €18.15 per month per user.

By Niall Byrne

Pictured – Niall Gorman, data partner manager, O2 Ireland and
Tony McGovern, partner, O’Donnell Sweeney Eversheds