Samsung Galaxy S7: 5.7in screen, wait, no, 5.5in screen, wait…

5 Jan 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, via Luke Maxwell

The year has only just begun but already moves are being made to render last year’s prominent, premium smartphones relatively redundant.

One of those phones is the Galaxy S6 Edge+, something we got our hands on a few weeks ago and couldn’t really pin down into any enjoyable category.

Samsung’s S7 (it is quite a shame that our number system is infinite) will hit the shelves at some stage this year and, with the help of one or two leaks, we’re finding out what to expect.

Or are we? With CES underway at the moment, and Mobile World Congress to come in a few weeks, major companies are either showing off their wares or putting the final touches to them.

This, quite often, means leaks. Let us start with Sammobile, which caught a glimpse of some images recently that alluded to a 5.7in screen, similar to that of the S6 Edge+.

VentureBeat, though, reckons the screen will be 5.5in, citing sources.

Basically, nobody knows, but, if Samsung does reel in the screen size a bit, I might not find the phone so ridiculously all-encompassing.

The camera looks to be changing significantly, with the main sensor reducing by about 25pc to around 12Mpx with a better lens aperture to calm any photographer worries.

Interestingly, Evan Blass explains that the cameras will be flush to the bodywork, something surprisingly absent from the S6 Edge+ design – especially considering the huge aesthetic push from Samsung. Also, water resistance, the bastion of ‘how cool is your watch?’ in 1990s parlance, may be back!

Either way, the start of the year is all about Android leaks, before Apple takes over around July. We’ll know all about Samsung’s plans in a few weeks, with a launch event expected in late February.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic