Samsung gets a win over Apple in Japanese court

31 Aug 2012

Samsung’s shares are recovering following a ruling in Japan that two of its smartphones and one tablet did not infringe on Apple’s patents regarding the technology used to sync music and video content.

Tokyo district judge Tamotsu Shoji has ruled in favour on Samsung in the most recent verdict from the Apple v Samsung patents war. The three products concerned in this case were the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II smartphones and the Galaxy Tab. Apple has also been charged with paying the costs of the lawsuit.

Previously, judge Lucy Koh in California – Apple’s home town – ordered Samsung to pay US$1.049bn in damages to Apple for patent infringement. This result saw Samsung’s shares fall, but they have since risen 1.6pc in response to more positive news coming from Japan.

This is not the first time a judge has ruled in Samsung’s favour, either. Remember the UK judge that said the Samsung Galaxy Tab wasn’t cool enough to be confused with Apple’s iPad?

The two tech giants are still battling it out in courts elsewhere, though, with mixed results. In South Korea a court has banned sales of products from boths sides and also fined both companies on the grounds of patent infringement. There are also cases in progress in Australia and Germany.

Gavel image via Shutterstock

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic