The week in gadgets: Google TV, Ziiiro Proton and iPhone Scuba Suit

25 Jun 2012

The week in gadgets: Google TV, Ziiiro Proton and iPhone Scuba Suit

A look at gadget happenings, as Google TV finally sees the light of day outside the US, time becomes more colourful, and the iPhone gets a scuba suit.

Google TV launches in UK – and Ireland?

Sony and Google have partnered to bring Google TV to the UK – the first market outside the US to get access to the interactive TV service. Set for release on 16 July, the set-top box will provide access to Google’s optimised apps for TV, including YouTube and a Google Chrome browser.

The NSZ-GS7 set-top box also comes with a double-sided universal remote control, with a touchpad for cursor control on one side and a full keyboard on the other, plus a motion sensor for game play. Alternatively, users can also download the free Media Remote app and use their smartphones or tablets as a remote.

Priced at €200, the device is twice the cost of the third-generation Apple TV, so Sony and Google must be fairly convinced that their internet player has more to offer.

Sony Google TV

Sony Europe has also announced that this release will be followed by the NSZ-GP9 later this year, which will also feature a Blu-ray player and voice control. This device is set to hit the US market in October with others to follow and the expected price point is €300.

Pre-orders for the NSZ-GS7 may be made online starting today and, while it hasn’t been officially announced for release in Ireland, it has been listed among products available on Sony Ireland’s website. More on this as we have it.

Colourful watches tell time with style

These beautiful Proton watches from Ziiiro have an analogue clock face with a difference. With no numbers, the Ziiiro Proton watch uses rotating gradient discs to tell time through colour. Hours are represented in blue, minutes in yellow, and where the two shall meet makes for shades of green and turquoise. The ever-changing stylish watches come with a white, transparent or ‘transparent smoke’ strap – or, if you get fed up, the clock face can fit into any watch strap from the Ziiiro range.

Of course, if you don’t want to shell out €129 for a fancy watch, you can always just download the Ziiiro Watch app for the iPhone, available in six colours.

Ziiiro Proton

Take your iPhone for a swim with the iPhone Scuba Suit

The iPhone Scuba Suit from Photojojo fits the iPhone 4 and 4S and lets you bring your treasured smartphone to watery depths. Each case is factory-tested to ensure it is 100pc waterproof for submersion up to 15 feet. The airtight liquid barrier features a touch-sensitive gel screen and optical-grade lens cover, which means you can still operate your phone and take pictures when underwater.

The case also comes with a waterproof headphone jack and is cushioned to protect the phone from drops and falls. Though they’re out of stock for now, the iPhone Scuba Suit will be available again in late July for US$60.

iPhone Scuba Suit

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