29 Jul 2004

What is it?
A new directory of (mostly) Irish online shopping sites.

Who is it for?
Online stores looking to market themselves (they get a free listing on the site) and online buyers looking to find them.

What are its main features?
A listing of online stores by 12 categories, from bookmakers to travel. These can also be found via a separate search engine. Visitors can also subscribe to an Armchair Newsletter, a fortnightly ezine that contains information on new stores, special offers and general shopping news. That’s about it.

How does it look?
Pretty conventional, with the category headings listed down the left hand side and the contents displayed in the middle. The armchair logo at the top of the home page is nicely done, although the pink colouring is a little on the insipid side.

The verdict?
Some categories are quite well populated with content, others hardly at all. This is the site’s biggest weakness at the moment. This should be corrected as time goes on as new content is added. If not, dropping or merging some of the sections could be considered.

By Brian Skelly