7 Apr 2003

IBEC, a national voice of Irish business and employers that provides a wide range of services to over 7,000 members, has recently re-developed www.ibec.ie into an approachable and highly informative site.

The site is split into five sections – human resource management and industrial relations, business sectors, economic and business, European and international and social and education – with each providing ample resource tools for any business, from small to medium-enterprises to multinationals. Apart from just business advice, the site is also a good source of news on the various industries such as the retail, engineering, software, financial services and telecommunications.

Given the amount of information being grappled with, the site could be unwieldy and impenetrable; the fact that it’s not is testimony to the thought and planning that has obviously gone into the architecture and layout of the site, which was developed by Arekibo Communications. It has a clear navigational structure; it’s quick to load and provides users with the information they are looking for quickly.

In addition to the new portal, Arekibo is also developing IBEC’s intranet site and sectoral websites for a number of IBEC affiliated organisations including the Irish Software Association and Financial Services Ireland. These are due to be activated in the near future.