Beautiful video gives insight into what astronauts dream about

7 Dec 2015

Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson aboard the International Space Station. Image via NASA

A new rather incredible animation has been released pondering the question of what astronauts dream about. Given their rather unique experiences, strangely it’s not ‘out of this world’.

When you think about, what astronauts dream about must be incredible given that – at least we think – our dreams are attempts to process and file what we have done during the day.

One must also consider the physiological processes that come with living in space, as astronauts are subjected to bombardments of radiation and zero gravity daily. Especially if all it takes for us on Earth to have crazy dreams is a bit of dairy before bed.

As part of a new video series – A Place Called Space – from the Royal Institution in the UK, Britain’s first astronaut, Helen Sharman, gives us an insight into what goes on in her brain as she sleeps on Earth.

The video is beautifully illustrated by Andrew Khosravani, who drew the entire video by hand. As you watch it, you might be surprised at how non-terrestrial Helen’s dreams are, despite her last and only space flight happening over a quarter of a century ago.

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic