Award of Science Excellence for 511 primary schools

2 Jun 2009

Discover Science & Engineering (DSE), the national body to promote science education and awareness in Irish schools, has presented 511 primary schools with the Award of Science Excellence to recognise the effort of both teachers and children alike in discovering and learning through science in the classroom.

When it began in 2004, the DSE had 500 schools registered. To date there are over 3000 schools involved, with some 3,700 teachers signed up.

In fact, the programme was recently recognised by an international panel for its role in the primary-school science curriculum.

“All participating students and teachers deserve enormous credit for partaking in the Discover Primary Science project, with special congratulations to all those schools which have won an Award of Science Excellence this year,” said Peter Brabazon, programme director, DSE.

“The Discover Primary Science programme is a vital element in producing young people with an interest in science, who will ultimately help Ireland achieve its goal of becoming a smart economy.

“The science skills that students acquire while participating in Discover Primary Science will stand to them as they continue with their education, and hopefully will spark an interest for them in later life in the areas of science, engineering and technology.”

By Marie Boran