Further funding for science postgrads

1 Oct 2003

The Embark Initiative has revealed that it has allocated a further €2.1m in research funding under its Postgraduate Research Scholarship Scheme 2003 to support 42 successful candidates seeking to complete doctoral and masters level research in science, engineering and technology.

The latest round of funding augments €6.1m already awarded to 111 new researchers under this scheme, bringing the total offered during 2003 to €8.2m.

The scholarship scheme is operated by the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology and entitled Embark Initiative. Its objective is to enable knowledge creation for the future benefit of society and the economy and to help retain highly talented researchers in Ireland.

In the latest funding round, two energy related research scholarships have been offered by Sustainable Energy Ireland, which is funded by the National Development Plan, to develop research in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

It is understood that the next call for applicants to the Embark Initiative’s Postgraduate Research Scholarship Scheme will take place next Spring.

“We received over 750 applications from very highly qualified candidates for the funding available under this scheme,” said Professor Thomas N. Mitchell, chairman of the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology.

“A total of 153 will be funded, including two special scholarships offered by Sustainable Energy Ireland. This demonstrates that there is a considerable volume of students who are willing to pursue a research career in Ireland. It is imperative that sufficient funds will continue to be made available to enable research career development in Ireland. The funding of these individuals is a key factor in creating a knowledge-based economy with consequent socio-economic benefits and future prosperity for Ireland,” Professor Mitchell said.

By John Kennedy