Go-go Google gloves! Internet giant experiments with a new input method

21 Aug 2012

Not content with Google Glass as a new mode for computing, technology giant Google has submitted a patent design for a new glove based controller reminiscent of the input gestures in Minority Report.

Just like in the movie the gloves could be used to manipulate objects by gesture. They could also be used to draw letters in the air or type onto virtual keyboards.

The technology also allows you to ‘see with your hand’ and capture images with the glove technology via detectors positioned inside the tips of the fingers. Motion sensors also would interact with computer processors.

In the patent filing Google said: “The detector(s) may record a series of images of the environment, and a display may display the series of images to the user. In this manner, the user may “see” the inaccessible environment as if the user’s eyes were located on the user’s hand or finger, or on the other area of the user’s body.

“Alternately or additionally, motion of the detector(s) may be determined by comparing images in the recorded series of images, and one or more predetermined motions may detected among the predetermined motion. One of more functions may be triggered based on detection of the one or more predetermined motions.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years