Is Dyson thinking of making cars? (video)

12 Apr 2012

The engineering prowess behind Dyson vacuum cleaners is globally renowned. But what would happen if Dyson decided to put its technology into vehicles? A new video shows what engineers at Dyson with a little time on their hands can do.

A group of R&D engineers at Dyson decided to race their own Dyson Digital Motor Car and race the length of Dyson RDD where inventor James Dyson and his engineers work on the latest technologies.

But will we see Dyson’s cyclone technology power a motor car any time soon. Probably not but it is a tantelising prospect. As the video shows the vacuum cleaner engine can produce quite a speed.

Dyson makes bagless vacuum cleaners that can negotiate many a domestic obstacle. In January it launched its first cylinder vacuum cleaners – the DC38 and the DC39 animal – with trademarked ‘Ball’ technology that bring racing-car dynamics to the task of cleaning carpets and hardwood floors and physically avoiding getting snagged on corners.

They are ergonomically designed to manoeuvre and follow you around with the minimum of physical exertion.

In recent weeks Dyson launched the 2012 James Dyson Awards inviting applications from inventive young designers and engineers, hailing from 18 countries, including Ireland. And the brief? You’ve got to develop a problem-solving invention. The ultimate winner will receive stg£10,000 to develop his or her invention and an additional stg£10,000 will go to his or her university department.




John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years