New app for EV drivers

10 Mar 2011

California-based software company Xatori, Inc has created an online community and mobile app for EV drivers who want to share their electric outlets with one another, reported Reuters.

The PlugShare app is designed to create a community-driven electric vehicle (EV) charging network that enables iPhone and iPod touch owners in the US to share their outlets.

The app is designed for compatible EVs, such as the Nissan Leaf, which will allow drivers to share 240v J1772 plugs or standard 120v outlets.

The app gives users the option to browse a listing of public charging stations, view profiles of other PlugShare members, and call or text other PlugShare members, and get directions to shared outlets or charging stations.

“Many people won’t have EVs right away, but everyone has an electrical outlet,” said Forrest North, CEO. “Sharing electricity from a standard outlet only costs about US$0.15 an hour, a small price to lessen our dependence on oil.”