Science Week launches with zero gravity

7 Nov 2007

With more than 400 events and over 90,000 people expected to attend, Science Week Ireland is now in its 11th year and will be kicking off this Sunday, 11 November.

With the aim of promoting science, engineering and technology this year’s theme is ‘Surrounded by Science’ and will be exploring the science and inventions behind everyday objects.

As part of Science Week members of the public will have a chance to win a zero gravity flight, not in space but in a modified aircraft, G-Force One, the same method that NASA astronauts use as part of their training.

The series of lectures being held for Science Week will include former NASA astronaut Joe Edwards who will be in Dublin next week to give a talk on science and space travel.

Of the 400 plus events many will cover unusual topics that will pull in interested attendees both young and old ranging from the Science of Crime, to the Science of the Circus and Time Travel with the Hubble Spacecraft.

Leo Enright, chairman of Discover Science & Engineering, said: “Science Week Ireland is one of a number of initiatives under way to introduce young people to the wonders of science but also to demonstrate its relevance to people of all ages.

“To develop as a society and economy, we need scientists and innovators who will provide the expertise and leadership that will contribute to job creation, sustained economic prosperity and advances in healthcare, environmental protection, transport, construction and energy efficiency amongst other developments.”

Science Week is organised by Discover Science and Engineering, the Government’s official organisation for promoting understanding and awareness of science.

By Marie Boran