Angry Birds Space achieves 50m downloads

30 Apr 2012

Angry Birds Space is the fastest-growing game yet, its publisher Rovio squawked today after the game hit 50m downloads within 35 days.

Rovio said this has smashed all previous records.

“This has been simply amazing, and the whole Rovio team is thrilled to see such a fantastic reception for the game,” Rovio gushed.

Angry Birds Space is available for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, and Rovio has just released 10 new levels for iOS and Android.

“There’s only one conclusion to draw: something even bigger is on its way!” Rovio hinted. “Stay tuned and keep flinging those birds!”

What something “bigger” is only Rovio knows. Could it be Angry Birds may make it to consoles or is Rovio working on a new gaming title? An Xbox Kinect version of Angry Birds would be splendid, don’t ya think?


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years