Apple owns 63pc of mobile OS market in Ireland

21 Nov 2011

Apple’s iOS operating system (OS) is the top mobile OS in Ireland, according to the most recent figures from StatCounter. The Android mobile OS is a distant 22.2pc of the Irish market.

According to StatCounter’s figures, out of the remaining mobile operating systems, Nokia’s Symbian OS stands at 9.5pc of the market, followed by Sony Ericsson at 1.5pc, Samsung at 0.67pc and BlackBerry at just 0.47pc of the market.

Sony’s PlayStation Portable OS has 0.45pc market penetration. Windows Phone 7 has yet to register in the statistics.

Nokia’s Symbian OS still world’s No 1

Worldwide Nokia’s Symbian OS has 31.5pc of the mobile OS market while Apple’s iOS has 22.1pc.

Google’s Android has 17.3pc of the global mobile OS market followed by BlackBerry, which has 13.4pc of the global mobile market.

Samsung has 5pc of the global mobile OS market, followed by Ericsson with 3.8pc and PlayStation with 0.3pc.

John Kennedy  


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years