Authorities seek clues in photos, videos from Boston Marathon

17 Apr 2013

Boston police and the FBI are analysing photos and videos from the Boston Marathon for clues into the two bombs that went off at the event on Monday, killing three people are injuring scores of others.

NBC News reported FBI special agent Richard DesLauriers as having said the bureau had received more than 2,000 tips as of noon yesterday. Many of those, he added, have already been reviewed, analysed and vetted.

Authorities in Boston have asked members of the public to submit any photos or videos they have of the marathon, with the Boston Police Department even making the request on Twitter.

Anyone with photos, particularly those taken just before and after the blasts, may email

“Tell us what time the photo was taken … so we don’t have to go through those electronic signatures, [so] we have some data as to when these photos were taken,” Boston police commissioner Ed Davis said at a press conference.

The best thing to look for in the photos, the FBI said, would be anyone who appears to carrying an unusually heavy, dark-coloured bag, around the time of the explosions and in the areas the bombs went off.

Boston skyline image via Shutterstock

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic