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22 Jan 2009

Blogs of the week!

Boho Kitchen

Blog 1

BRRR! It’s cold outside and nothing warms the cockles of your heart more than good home-cooked food.

Cooking from scratch may seem like the last thing on your mind after a hard day’s work, and a microwave meal might be tempting, but be inspired by the mouth-watering meals prepared by blogger Candi, an American expat living in Ireland.

This blog is crammed with nourishing winter food such as Mexican cottage pie and pecan and brandied fig pie. Even if you don’t intend to get cooking, just visit for the oh-so-tempting photos!




THE tagline for this blog is “Every car has a past worth looking back to”, and boy does this blogger stick to this theme.

You won’t just get a few passing references to vintage cars here – you get the whole shebang. It even covers the very obscure and quite bizarre McQuay Norris Streamliner.

This is possibly one of the ugliest cars ever made, but this writer treats it with the same attention and respect as he does the Bentley Mulsanne or the Aston Martin DB4 GT.

Also check out the list of classic hot cars on the big screen – great for trivia.


Brian Barrington


VISITING this blog is a bit like reading the problem pages in the Sunday magazines, except with much more intelligent insight.

Writer and cyber counsellor Barrington says he uses philosophical psychology to approach people’s problems, which range from being addicted to Big Brotherto a girl with a wandering eye.

This blog manages to tread the line between being insightful and sensitive to those seeking advice, while adding a sprinkling of humour and a fair few giggles along the way.


Aran Brew

Blog 4

UPON reading last week’s Blog Digest, one reader has suggested Aran Brew – a knitting blog with a twist.

Blogger Laura Walsh is a true hobbyist, managing to mix both knitting and

fermenting and documenting her adventures along the way.

Walsh’s latest brew was a 10-litre batch of kolsch or blonde ale-style beer. (I’m not sure what this even is, but I’m seriously tempted to find out!)

She suggests visiting for supplies, and gives some sage advice following a mishap with storing her ale: “Make sure you hear a click when you close the high- flow valve”.


By Marie Boran