Welcome to Brick City Records: a record store made entirely of Lego

16 Jul 2016

The hallowed record store is becoming a thing of the past, but the magic has been captured forever in Lego form on Flickr by The Art of Coop

Record stores – hallowed places where teenage kicks and sage knowledge of life-defining tunes were discovered – are becoming a thing of the past. But now they live on forever thanks to an artist who has meticulously designed a record shop made out of Lego.

With the rise and rise of digital music and streaming, record stores are becoming part of musical history lore. They say hipsters still buy vinyl, but where are those places where knowledge is passed down to earnest wannabe rock stars?

In the 20th century, bands and bonds were formed when teenagers and college students searched for hours through carefully curated record stands or spent whatever was left of their pocket money taking a chance on something from the thrift pile.

Future Human


Usually, record stores would be presided over by a manager with an encyclopedic knowledge of music who would dispense sage advice to help hone the musical tastes of earnest kids without a musical note in their heads, but who dreamed of being the next Lou Reed or Joey Ramone.

Sadly these figures – not unlike John Cusack’s character in High Fidelity – are being replaced by algorithms and recommended playlists.

But, thanks to the efforts of an artist called The Art of Coop and first reported by Boing Boing, the nostalgic magic of record stores has been captured in meticulous detail in Lego form.

Be sure to visit Brick City Records over on Flickr!


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years