Google amend Gmail latency issues affecting users

6 Nov 2010

Millions of Gmail users affected by ‘latency issues’ over the past couple of weeks have been reassured that Google has now resolved the problem.

According to, Google issued a statement admitting they had “recently experienced an issue in one of our datacenters which increased latency for a small percentage of Gmail users”.

What this meant for the small percentage of users affected (2pc according to the company) was a temporary drag when accessing their accounts.

Resolving issues

Reassuringly, Google informed Techcrunch that “speed is of utmost importance to us, and we are always working both to prevent these kinds of issues and resolve them as soon as possible”.

Google has also recently changed its terms of service to prevent the automated import of Gmail contacts to social media website Facebook – citing Facebook’s unwillingness to reciprocate the gesture as the reason.