Google makes its search more social

17 Feb 2011

Google has updated its search engine to be more social, implementing results from friends and adding notes for links people have shared on social sites.

The social search results will be mixed throughout regular results based on their relevance. When a user searches for something, they’ll start seeing more results from friends and co-workers, with annotations below the results they shared.

Google gave the example that, if a user searched for results on climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and their friend wrote a blog about it, Google will bump up that post up in the list of results with a note and a picture.

The service also applies to links which people have publicly shared on sites such as Twitter. Google will show that link in the user’s results with an annotation visible only to them when they’re signed in.

Users also now have greater control over how they connect their accounts. They can now connect them privately over their Google profiles.

Not only that, but if Google can find a public account that could belong to the user, it will invite the user to connect accounts on the search results page.

Social search results will only be available when users log into their Google account. They will roll out worldwide in the coming week.