Google TV launches mini site

4 Oct 2010

Google has launched its Google TV mini site, revealing numerous details about the multimedia-based service.

Google TV will fuse its search engine technology with television entertainment, allowing users to search TV channels, apps and the entire web for content simultaneously.

Google TV will come with numerous apps, and will include Pandora, Chrome, Twitter, Napster and Netflix.

It also says that early next year, developers will be able to create their own for Google TV for the Android Market.

The service can allow you to use your phone like a remote control and it will come with a homepage for quick access to apps, channels and websites.

It allows users to watch TV and surf the web at the same time and Google promises the service will be open source, like Android.

YouTube has been properly formatted for the service.

Google has also announced content partners, including NBC Universal, HBO and Turner Broadcasting.

Google TV will come to Europe in 2011, with Sony as an official launch partner.