Group arts blog launches

12 Feb 2008

A group blog from Irish artists and craft artisans has officially launched today. is written by a group of 11 artisans from across Ireland.

The blog was set up by Paul O’Mahony of who put out a call last August for artists and craftspeople interested in blogging to get involved. More artists will be added in the coming months.

The site allows artists free blogging facilities, support to develop art-related blogs and the power of community to get their message across to the wider world of buyers and art enthusiasts, according to O’Mahony.

“Social media like blogs are a great way for artists and anyone working in the arts to reach out to a wider audience,” he commented.

O’Mahony plans more big projects next year centred around artisan blogging.

“Blogging is now becoming a very serious option for selling art online with major publications like USA Today covering the rising trend in art blogging, so I hope this initiative will alert artists in Ireland to the potential of blogging as an easy, affordable and very effective way of marketing art online,” he remarked.

By Niall Byrne