Muzu TV earns its White Stripes

19 Jan 2009

Fresh from its success in signing a major video deal with EMI, fast-growing Dublin-based music video service Muzu TV has struck a deal with Beggars Group, the largest independent group of music labels in Europe, which includes acts such as The White Stripes and Belle & Sebastian.

Through the deal, Muzu TV users around the world will get access to the entire video library of Beggars Group labels which are, XL Recordings, 4AD, Matador Records and Rough Trade.

Beggars Group, the legendary UK label and home to Bauhaus, The Cure and Gary Numan, joins the ranks of other recently signed majors and indie labels such as EMI, Sony BMG, Skint Loaded, Ministry Of Sound, Armada Music, Defected Records, Cherry Red Records, Ninja Tune, SPV and hundreds of others.

Muzu TV allows fans to create, watch and share music-video playlists. Users can create video playlists from thousands of videos and embed them on their social- networking sites.

The site provides free access to thousands of hours of diverse music video content, including concerts, back-stage footage, documentaries, tutorials, music videos, interviews and classic music TV shows such as The Tube.

“We are delighted to have the deal in place with Beggars – and see it as the jewel in the crown of our indie content offering,” said Ciaran Bollard, co-founder and director of business development at Muzu.

“This deal further cements our credibility and standing as the ‘de facto’ partner for the music industry. 

“As part of the deal Muzu TV will digitise a lot of footage that is unseen and make the videos available exclusively through our site. Muzu TV users across the world will get free access to an amazing collection of Beggars videos, including music videos, interviews, live footage, and much more, from the likes of Adele, The White Stripes, Belle & Sebastian, Jay Reatard, Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend, Anthony & The Johnsons, and more,” Bollard said.

Simon Wheeler, director of digital at Beggars Group, commented: “We are happy to be partnering with Muzu TV to bring the wealth of video content from our labels to market.

“Muzu TV is different from other online video channels – it was purpose-built for the music industry and we believe it holds great revenue potential for our business through a music-focused service. We see Muzu TV as being a key online video partner, going forward.”

Unlike YouTube, Muzu TV shares royalties generated from videos with aspiring acts and artists.

For music fans, Muzu TV is primarily about watching, creating and sharing unlimited music-video playlists. Fans can access over 10,000 artist channels, including major label acts such as The Script, The Ting Tings, MGMT and Beyonce, plus up-and-coming indie bands such as Fight Like Apes, Bo Pepper and This Devil is Yours, not to mention all of EMI Music’s content.

Fans can also create their own Music TV Channels, featuring any video on Muzu TV, and embed them in their social-networking pages — further increasing the revenue potential for bands. In addition, fans can feature on their favourite artist channels by uploading a video they have created on that artist.

They can also interact with other fans, discover and share music, all legally and at no cost.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years